In Obama's world...

The Obama administration will allow more time to enroll in health care on federal marketplace, which means “essentially there is no real deadline for signing up for healthcare. Cheers,” according to Joel Pavelski at the New York Post.

For our favorite story of the day, the Washington Post ran this headline: Secret Service agents in Obama’s detail sent home from Netherlands after night of drinking. Turns out, secret service agents are just like us (except we make it home at least). Lori Aratani there explained: “Not good to be found passed out in a hallway after drinking but especially bad if you're a #SecretService agent.” Eamon Javers at CNBC pointed out: “There's ‘drunk,’ and then there's ‘passed-out-in-a-hall-in-Amsterdam drunk.’”

For other Obama news, here’s a photo of a correction sent out regarding the King of Belgium. Dave Keating wrote: “Journos have just been sent this revised press release. Well, this changes everything!”

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