Ridiculous news abroad

Mar 26, 2014

In yet another report from North Korea we may or may not believe, BBC says men there are being required to get Kim Jong-un haircuts. Ben O'Hara-Byrne at CTV News made this joke: “Redefining dic-tete-orship.” Rosie Gray at BuzzFeed made another: “Kim Jong Un basically has the Macklemore haircut.” Ariel Cheung from The Post-Crescent found the whole thing “Unfortunate.”

Julian Barnes at the Wall Street Journal writes of Cold War Echoes Under the Arctic Ice. Robbie Whelan there pointed out: “Dateline: ‘BENEATH THE ARCTIC OCEAN’ @julianbarnes on U.S. anti-submarine exercises reminiscent of the Cold War.” Colleague Geoffrey Rogow cut right to the chase: “Sounds cold.”

And for your laugh today, read about how Vladimir Putin wants all Russians to be tough like Steven Seagal from Terrence McCoy at the Washington Post. Lori Aratani there figured it out for us: “#KimJongUn and Dennis Rodman, #Putin and Steven Seagal. Go figure.”

And finally, Twitter announced they’re Challenging the access ban in Turkey. Humeyra Pamuk at Reuters explained: “#Twitter challenges #Turkey's ban, filing petitions to Turkish courts. Doesn't seem like it is 'taking a step back.’”

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