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Bookstores are apparently Forsaking Manhattan as Rents Surge according to the New York Times’ Julie Bosman. Freelancer Sarah Laskow said, “I love bookstores, too, but I don't really see how gov't intervention on a city level is going to help them.” Doug Saunders from Globe and Mail took it less seriously: “Manhattan has no bookstores. A few open in Brooklyn, alongside similar products such as Edison bulbs & monocles.” Brittaney Kiefer at PRWeek admitted: “This makes me sad.”

From the Wall Street Journal, Caroline Porter reports on the Hot-Dog Fan Campaigning for New Emoji. Jamie Pschorr at WPVI ABC Philadelphia quoted the story in the most perfect way: "It’s a slight against the hotdog community.”

The Washington Post says Ralph Hall, the oldest man in Congress, may be on the verge of defeat. Ed O'Keefe there said, “Meet the member of Congress who once met Madame Chiang Kai-Shek and sold cigarettes to Bonnie and Clyde.” Greg Giroux at Bloomberg News shared this from the piece: “I think 535 heads rolling down the stairs of the U.S. Capitol would be a good thing.” Metro Weekly’s Justin Snow had this takeaway: “Ralph Hall is very, very old.”

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