Muckraking at its finest

Mar 27, 2014

Buzzfeed put out a harrowing but important investigatory read by Emily Orley called "Being Raped In A Bankrupt City." Or as deputy editor-in-chief Shani Hilton put it, "what happens (or doesn't happen) to rape kits in a bankrupt city." Grist's Jess Zimmerman had to admit, "Good post on Detroit's untested rape kits. It's from Buzzfeed, but the animated GIF use is appropriate." Simone Landon at FiveThirtyEight caught the part that horrified us the most: "They found testimonies, she said, stating that officers had made comments like, 'This victim is a ho.'"

Plus, Lorne Manly wrote an illuminative piece for the NYT on the legal debate on using boastful rap lyrics as a smoking gun. Roll Call's John Gramlich summarized, "Should rap lyrics about killing people be used as legal evidence?" Still, CNN's Sally Kohn couldn't help but comment, "'In the profane world of hardcore rap, verisimilitude is prized.' Um @nytimes, your grey lady-ness is showing!"

Also from the NYT: Was the story about mandatory Kim Jong Un haircuts a baldfaced lieAlex Fitzpatrick with TIME realized, "North Korea is the Jimmy Kimmel of world powers."

(Photo credit: Buzzfeed)

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