Question of the Day

Yesterday's Question of the Day asked … In 1844, something was created that suddenly made it possible for newspapers to offer timely coverage of distant events. What was it, and which two cities demonstrated the link? That would be the telegraph, and it linked Baltimore and Washington D.C.!

Congratulations, again, to repeat winner M. Edward Borasky for being the very first to answer that question correctly! Honorable mentions also go out to (in order of correct answers received): Hiram ReisnerOriana PawlykMatthew DelmanEdward TennerWin GrueningCindi Lash of Pittsburgh MagazineKen Walker with the Tampa Bay Times, freelance journalist Amy Zipkin, and Bill Chuck with Chicago Sun-Times and Boston Globe for also getting that right! We also accepted "Morse code" as an answer, so congratulations as well to Ron CasalottiAndrea Garcia-Vargas and Victor Cooper for their answers.

As for today's question, it's related to the last answer: Who sent the telegram that day, and what did it say?

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