End your week on a media note

According to ReutersJeremy Wagstaff, Google researchers have figured out that journalists and the media are under attack from hackers. So, goody. Roger Yu at USA Today put some numbers to it: “21 of world's top-25 news organizations were target of likely state-sponsored hacking attacks.”

Rob Ford appeared on Metro Morning today and that is news in Canada. Rosemary Barton with CBC point out, “This is a darn good interview with Rob Ford.” Christopher Curtis from the Montreal Gazette said a pretty funny thing about it: “Meanwhile, Rob Ford doesn't want to be called a criminal despite the fact that literally is a criminal.”

And the newest member of the media, Anthony Weiner gives us his take On Tesla for Business Insider (his new employer). Henry Blodget there wrote, “Congressman Weiner: Tesla, Uber, et al, need to learn a thing or two about the real world.” Colleague Joe Weisenthal shared it as: “The first column from my colleague @anthonyweiner.” Jack Shafer at Reuters was less impressed. He called it: “Weiner does his Spitzer imitation.”

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