Featured journalist: Greg Emerson Bocquet

Today we're pleased to feature Greg Emerson Bocquet with Newsday. As the deputy editor of Newsday.com, Greg oversees the day-to-day editorial direction of the website and mobile apps, while directing social media strategy as well as special interactive and data projects. He's also a journalism professor (with Long Island University-Brooklyn and CUNY-Hunter) and his work has been featured in the New York Times, CNNMoney, Scientific American, and numerous other publications.

On the subject of social media (one of his fortes), Greg wisely writes, "We are in the age of a-la-carte journalism ... You can reach a much larger audience, but every story has to stand out from the noise. Sometimes the conversation around the news is more important than the news itself." When prompted about his proudest work, Greg answers, "The only time I was really able to work on my personal passion for science in a story was at a multimedia magazine startup called FLYP, producing features in partnership with Scientific American. FLYP didn't survive, and neither did the content on its website or what was hosted on SciAm. It was a hard lesson that not everything does live forever online." Sage words, if saddening. "I would particularly want to click around our Apollo anniversary package again..." And so would we! Fortunately, the rest of Greg's work does still reside online, and you can sample it in his Muck Rack portfolio here. Take a look at "Fashion week: Reflections from a runway virgin," or at the other end of the spectrum, "Boston Marathon 2013: Live reactions."

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