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Mar 28, 2014

Full disclosure: we had to look up the spelling of that.

Sheryl Gay Stolberg at the New York Times writes: Deadline Near, Health Signups Show Disparity. Igor Bobic from Talking Points Memo shared this quote from the story: "The state of health care under [Obamacare] depends almost entirely on where a person lives.” Rachel Stassen-Berger at the Minneapolis StarTribune shared another: “Obamacare ‘less like sweeping federal overhaul than...individual ventures playing out unevenly.’”

Elsewhere at the Times, Jonathan Weisman says Kremlin Finds a Defender in Congress. That person is apparentlyl Dana Rohrabacher, Putin's man in Congress, of which Washington Post’s Peter Wallsten says: “Congressman accused of leaving rental home a pigsty, crawling with maggots.”

A teen told the government: Change your typeface, save millions, CNN reports. Marc McAfee explained: “‘Ink is 2x more expensive than French perfume by volume,’ says 14 yo genius. Save gov $400 million with font change?”

The Hill has news that Rep. Mike Rogers stepping down as intelligence committee chairman. Jason Linkins at Huffington Post figured Rogers “will spend more time with Sunday talk shows.” Matt Fuller with Roll Call said, “Whoa, Mike Rogers stepping down as Intel chairman? I did see him meet with Boehner Tuesday afternoon.” But Sara Sorcher from National Journal heard different: “Despite @thehill report, Rogers is not stepping down as Chairman of the House Intel Committee, spokesperson says.”

Bloomberg News tells us Spacey Urges House of Cards Tax Break With Real Lawmakers. We only hope he put on the Southern drawl and tapped his ring on the table for it. Cesca Antonelli there summed it up as: “@KevinSpacey whips votes in Maryland.” Colleague Jonathan Allen called it a “Delicious political tale.” And the whole thing led their own Caleb Solomon to declare: “The world is a great place.”

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