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Yesterday's Question of the Day asked … A group of cats is often called a "clowder." But what do we call a grouping of owls, and what do we call a grouping of salamanders? Hint: Both your answers should be "political," so to speak! Those answers are a parliament of owls and a congress of salamanders! (There are, of course, other fascinating names for these groupings -- a maelstrom or a band of salamanders, for example, but these other options didn't fit the "political" hint!)

And if you guessed that M. Edward Borasky won again, you'd be correct -- and he also humorously suggested that a group of legislators be called a "gerrymander." Honorable mentions also go out to (in order of correct answers received):  Matthew DelmanDagmar EbaughClaudine LaforceHiram ReisnerJeanne KirkKen Walker with the Tampa Bay TimesEdward TennereschumanRon Casalotti, and Cindi Lash of Pittsburgh Magazine for also correctly answering both!

As for today's question, it continues the same theme: So what do you call a collective group of journalists? There are two possible answers to this query, so we'll accept either one.

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(Photo Credit: Scott Gustafson)

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