April Fools' jokes (or things that ought to be)

Apr 01, 2014

Congratulations to The Guardian, for being the first news publication to (nearly) get us with their prank article that claimed Scotland would switch to driving on the right if their independence were given. They had us until the "conscious uncoupling" quote attributed to an anonymous official. Gwyneth, is that you? BBC's Jonny Hallam went along with the joke, tweeting, "Agree that it is important to have clear transport semiotics." Technology Review's Jason Pontin was not laughing, however: "An April Fool's gag from the Guardian - because the aspirations of Scots for independence are inherently ludicrous." 

Here's also a round-up from TechCrunch on the best April Fools' pranks of 2014 thus far. "Been fooled yet? Thought the Gmail shelfie was ridic," admitted Melissa Wiese at the Sacramento Business Journal. "Your April Fools Day joke isn't funny," Sports Illustrated's Tom Mantzouranis reminded everyone. The Daily Dot's Kevin Morris beseeched, "Be a responsible reader today and only visit sites that don't post April Fools' jokes." At Yahoo! NewsOlivier Knox reminded Republican lawmakers, "No, GOP, Obama's 4:15 pm Rose Garden remarks on the ACA do NOT justify unfunny April Fools jokes in your press releases at 5 pm."

And this next item wasn't exactly an April Fools' joke, but former US president Bill Clinton did tweet a very amusing twitpic that mimicked his wife's famous text meme-inspiring photo from a couple years back, under the caption, "I'm following my leader!" Huffington Post's Ethan Klapper wondered in stream-of-consciousness format, "did this break the internet is hillary going to run now." And he also appears to be holding a giant iPad, maybe. HyperVocal'Slade Sohmer wondered, "Is that a baking sheet?" Seriously, we have no idea. Also, we think it looks like he's in a giant space ship.

Oh, and US press secretary Jay Carney appears ready for April Fools' Day, and also for today's Red Sox visit. Olivier Knox also weighed in here, reflecting, "Hunh. I did *not* see this White House spoof of 'Noah' coming."

Meanwhile, the national PBS series American Masters is celebrating April Fools’ Day with a video outtake from its upcoming documentary Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself, which highlights the vetera journalist's infamous April Fools’ Day hoax for Sports Illustrated in 1985.

Also, this decidedly is not at all an April Fools' joke: The NCAA took away Jason Gay's cat mugWSJ'Katie Martin is calling it, "Absurd cat mug-based civil disobedience."

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