Not an April Fools' joke

Seeing as today's stories seem to fall in either the preceding category, or this one, we'll start with this Washington Post report that the CIA was misled on interrogation program. "Thanks, Cheney/Bush, for turning the world's moral clock back 100 years and making torture vogue again," WaPo's Ron Charles seethed. At the GuardianTom McCarthy tweeted, “'Was that actually true? The answer is no.' Senate Intel Cmte blows its own mind in reporting CIA lied about torture."

Meanwhile, a riveting Wall Street Journal read reveals a Chinese dragnet has entangled the family of former security chief, Zhou Yongkeng. It begins, "The Chinese Communist Party, by recent tradition, honors its retired leaders by expecting them to fade quietly into the background. But after Zhou Yongkang stepped down from the powerful Politburo Standing Committee 16 months ago, bad things started happening to people with connections to him." You'll want to read this.

Next up, in her first speech as Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen’s real-life examples of unemployed omitted their criminal records, a Bloomberg post investigates. Bloomberg TV's Phil Mattingly  predicted"Safe to say a Fed staffer or two is having a rough day today..." Colleague Julie Bykowicz replied to him, "basic research usually pays off.“

Moreover, Molly Redden with Mother Jones has uncovered Hobby Lobby's "hypocrisy" that the company's retirement plan invests in contraception manufacturers, while the Guardian tells us that the New York assault weapons ban can be circumvented with a simple modification.

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