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Yesterday's Question of the Day asked … If a group of owls is called "a parliament of owls," and a group of salamanders is called "a congress of salamanders," what do you call a collective group of journalists? There are two possible answers to this query, so we'll accept either one. Those answers, according to this reference, are a scoop and a slant!

"We just spotted a rare scoop of journalists!"

But because everyone gave some pretty wonderful answers to this question, we'll just name you all. Congratulations once more to M. Edward Borasky, for being the very first to answer, and, indeed, he got the same two answers that we did, although he noted, "Really - who makes these collective nouns up? I would have said a beat of journalists or a newsroom of journalists." We must agree. Congrats, also, to Jeanne Kirk for getting both the same answers, as well! Honorable mentions also go out to (in order of answers received):  Tom Feyer of the New York Times, who answered, "a pack" (like wolves?); freelance journalist Amy Zipkin, who also got "scoop"; eschuman, who humorously observed "If they're camped out on your front lawn, they're called a sign of a very bad day. Or murder"; Miriam van Ommeren, who answered a "press corps";  Win Gruening, who answered "a pool"; Dana Gibbs, who got "scoop," too; syndicated columnist Margo Howard, who also suggested "a pack"; Edward Tenner, who also got "a scoop"; freelance journo Andrew Holtz, who answered, "Well, media scrum around news event/person is called a clusterf***. Doubt that is answer" (we'll take it, anyway!); Dan Tynan at Yahoo! News, who answered, "A tankard of journalists. Yeah, I know, that's not it. but don't you think it should be?" (yes, we do); and SNL Financial's Corbin Hiar, who answered "a scrum or a gaggle." These are all great responses, honestly, and we couldn't pass up printing them all!

In honor of today's holiday: When was the first time TV news was famously used to stage a successful April Fools' Day prank? Give us the year, the news service behind it, and what they did!

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