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Yesterday's Question of the Day asked … "Just the facts, ma'am, no more" is a phrase that could well be the mantra of any journalist, but was first attributed to the Dragnet character Joe Friday. He never actually said that line, though -- it came from a 1953 parody of Dragnet, called what? That would be St. George and the Dragonet, a short audio satire recorded August 26, 1953 by Stan Freberg for Capitol Records.

Congratulations to Hiram Reisner, who managed to break M. Edward Borasky's winning streak by being the first to answer correctly! Reisner's reply was followed closely by correct answers from Dagmar EbaughKen Walker of the Tampa Bay Times, then M. Edward Borasky@.l.interpretationsRachel RohHal Davis of Pioneer Press, and freelance journalist Amy Zipkin.

Today's question is dedicated to the memory of Anja Niedringhaus. Please just tweet us your favorite works of hers. There are no right or wrong answers.

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