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Now you can tour Beijing and Shanghai with Telegraph correspondents. Oh, yes. "Telegraph correspondents now doubling up as tour guides in China. I wonder if @WSJ Kabul team could do the same," mused Margherita Stancati at the Wall Street Journal. "Freelance foreign journalists should steal this idea from the Telegraph," Quartz's Gideon Lichfield concluded.

An incredible graphic from The Washington Post reveals the sheer depth of the problem behind the pings from the MH370 black box. "So this is cool: @washingtonpost's chart show's how startlingly deep in the ocean #MH370's black box could be," tweeted Megan Garvey at the LA Times. "It only took 73 years to find titanic - MH370 should be easy," was the sarcastic tweet from WaPo's Richard Johnson

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal had a video post on how residents rely on a rusting cable-car network in Chiatura, Georgia. "I rode 'the world's most dangerous commute' and shot this video," WSJ's Joe Parkinson shared.

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