Baby names and beyond

From Dylan Matthews at Vox Media, we learn the show Game of Thrones has changed the way we name babies. Matthews explains, "Perhaps no Game of Thrones character is as beloved as Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke), the daughter of a slain king who has spent most of the series to date amassing forces to reclaim the lands that were once her father's. Also she has dragons, which people seem to like." At KPCCWendy Lee summarizes the article, "Before Game of Thrones, no one named babies 'Khaleesi.' In 2012, it beat the name 'Betsy.'"

But if that trend alarms you, here's Quartz informing us that Americans are having dogs instead of babies.Michael B. Dougherty with The Week Magazine advised, "Our cultural sadness/mocking over old cat-lady needs to be updated to refer to young dog-lady."

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