Colbert's replacement of Letterman sets the web on fire

Just before sending out today's Daily, we noticed our newsroom's list of trending key words had changed completely ... mostly to "Colbert" and "Letterman" references. We soon discovered why: just days after David Letterman announced his retirement next year, Variety drops the bomb that parody darling Stephen Colbert will replace him.

The Wall Street Journal also has that story, and further elaborates that Colbert will retire the character he plays on The Colbert Report (stifled sob). "And we have an answer: Colbert will be himself. Question is now, who is that and how funny is he?" Brendan Moran asked at, posing the question that's on all our minds.

The New York Times was hot on the trail, as well. In the wake of reading that piece, Bloomberg NewsIndira Lakshmanan wondered, "Why? His own show so much better and more subversive." Adam Soclof with Jewish Telegraphic Agency adopted a more harrowed reaction: "SEE WHAT YOU DID, RECKLESS HASHTAGGERS?" 

And just in case you're calling our bluff, here's the official announcement from CBS. In his own statement, Colbert announced, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth."

(Photo Credit: Mashable.)

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