Headlines to heed and ledes to read

The New York Times tells us that a papyrus referring to Jesus’s wife is more likely ancient than fake. At MashableAmanda Wills spells it out: "Ancient papyrus text quotes Jesus explicitly referring to his wife. Scientists say it's real." NYT's Paul Werdel joked, "And he said unto them, 'Take my wife ... please.'"

Here's something you really need to read, and it's from Mashable: The Heartbleed Hit List, also billed as "The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now." Like, NOW.

Also, Business Week put out a popular profile on Pimco's Bill Gross, who is recovering after Mohamed El-Erian's departureWSJ's Kirsten Grind liked this quote from Gross: "Whenever I read the newspaper, I say to myself, 'at least my wife loves me.'"

Plus, Pope Francis just told ITV News that human trafficking is "a crime against humanity." James Mates there surmised, "As exclusives go, this one is pretty special."

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