How to create visually stunning online press kits

How to create visually stunning online press kits

An example of storyboards from, a great tool for creating online press kits.

Your online press kit may be one of the first things that a journalist looks at before deciding to write about your client. It not only includes relevant information about your client, but it is also their includes their visual branding such as logos, photos, and videos. If you want your client to get covered by the press, then you need to make them look as attractive as possible online. While online press kits are quite common, many of them are just static pdf documents that journalists have to download and peruse, however, your client will stand out if you create a visual, online press kit that is easier and faster to digest.

Why a visual press kit?

  • Aesthetics Matter. What a brand looks like matters to both clients and journalists. If the press kit looks good, chances are that journalists will be more inclined to cover your story and it will give the brand an added layer of credibility.
  • People Have Short Attention Spans. Let’s face it, most people have very short attention spans when they are online, so it is important that you capture their attention quickly. Just ask yourself, would you rather look at a multimedia page full of photos, videos, and links or try to skim through a 20 page PDF document to write a story?
  • Dynamic Content is More Engaging. Dynamic content like video and audio clips are much more engaging. While some people do prefer written content, audiovisual content has to potential to reach visitors in a way that text cannot.
  • Easy to Share. As opposed to sending a PDF press kit or attaching files via email, you can simply send a link to access your online press kit and they can share it on social media sites from there.

Here are two great online tools you can use to create an online press kit:

1. is a platform specifically designed to create online press kits. Virtually anyone can sign up, create a multimedia press kit in under an hour, share it, and send it to journalists within the same day.

How it works

The platform has a storyboard editor that allows users to add photos, videos, links, sound clips, text and quotes. Each piece of content is placed into its own box and includes a direct link and a share button, which makes it very easy for journalists to simply grab the content that they need instead of thumbing through pages and pages of stuff. Journalists may choose to follow any storyboard and continue to receive updates. lets users simply send a link for visitors to access the entire online press kit. Also, visitors may access individual parts and pieces of the press kit as well to share via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +. There is also a download button that offers a zip file of the press kit.

Cost includes a free 14 day trial, but if you want to continue using the service there is a $9 monthly plan to create your own kit or $39 per month if you want them to make it for you.

2. Tackk

Tackk is a digital publishing platform designed to let anyone create anything like a flier, article, press release or poster. While it is not necessarily geared towards creating online press kits, it is a free and easy way to create a beautifully-designed multimedia page that is easy to share. It is built for relatively short content that can fit into one page, but it allows users to include anything from photos to videos to headlines. It is a great way to put together a package of multimedia content and share it with journalists or anyone else, for that matter.

How it works

Create a free account to create a Tackk, which is a content page. From there, you may choose from a number of theme templates to create your Tackk or you may select a blank canvas to create your own. Once you have a theme, you may add any type of text, photos, videos or headlines on the page and even include a contact form.

Journalists may access Tackks via a web link and they can share the content on social media website such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Furthermore, Tackks may also be collected on Tackkboards that include collections of similar content based their tags. Selected Tackks may appear on their Featured Tackks page, which is curated by their staff.


Tackk is completely free for everyone, which is another reason why it is so awesome.

Either one of these digital publishing platforms has the potential to bring your content to life in way that goes beyond a basic pdf press kit or brochure. Try them out and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Ashley Bennett is a freelance writer and digital marketing strategist. Check out her website to learn more.

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