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Yesterday's question of the day asked: In 1883, the first sports department at a newspaper was created, forever changing the future of newsrooms. Who founded it, and at what publication? We were looking for the very first sports department at a general newspaper, so that answer would be Joseph Pulitzer, who founded it at the New York World!

Congratulations to Edward Tenner for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to Ken Walker at the Tampa Bay TimesCindi Lash at Pittsburgh MagazineGary Metzker, and eschuman for also answering correctly!

And here's today's question: We know who founded the first Sports Department, but there's some discrepancy over which publication boasted the first sports section. We'll give you three options this time: Was it a) the New York Journal b) The London Morning Herald or c) The American Farmer? Explain your answer, if you can!

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