In Washington

One week after Jonathan Chait’s story came out in New York Magazine about the Color of Obama's Presidency, Chris Cillizza followed up by asking Is Barack Obama black? in the Washington Post. Lachlan Markay with the Washington Free Beacon pointed out: “Huh. Pew poll finds a majority of Americans see Obama as biracial as opposed to black.”

According to Jason Samenow at the Washington Post the D.C. area forecast goes something like this: From summer today to winter late Tuesday; even snow? Colby Itkowitz there couldn’t believe it: “It could snow tomorrow night?!?” Kedar Pavgi from Defense One tweeted: "Nice weather you have going here. Shame if a snow storm were to happen." Alex Seitz-Wald with the National Journal added, “Just when I was starting to trust Spring.”

Head to Bloomberg View for a read on The Dangers of Policy Drift.

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