Media Monday

The New York Times found out that Local News are coming Off College Presses. Project Thunderdome’s Meg Wagner said, “Shoutout to @News21: One of the hardest, most rewarding parts of my college career.” Hadas Gold with Politico added, “This: College papers filling the void dying local newspapers have left…”

Meanwhile, David Carr used his Sunday column to tell us about Yahoo Rolling the Dice on TV. John Abell at LinkedIn tweeted this from the story: “'At a time when the culture is addicted to high-end television narratives, Yahoo wants in on the action.” Melissa Tait at the Winnipeg Free Press added, “These graphs in @carr2n’s story made me lolololol.”

And here's a good read from freelance journo Yael Grauer, which seeks to answer the question: Are Online Journalism Certificates Worth the Paper They’re Printed On?

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