Life and death

You can read the sad story of a wife who was murdered by a 'monster' in the Guardian. Natasha Joseph from City Press tweeted: “Of men and monsters: a grieving husband's appeal.” Helen Tzarimas with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation News added, “Extraordinary insight into violence against women, by Tom Meagher, who's wife, Jill, was raped & murdered.”

Equally upsetting is news that 10 people are missing after an avalanche on Mount Everest. Anup Kaphle from the Washington Post said, “The death of 12 Sherpa guides on Mt Everest is the single deadliest accident on the mountain so far.”

The Wall Street Journal writes that The Richer You Are the Older You’ll Get. Penelope Wang with CNN explains: “How much longer will a 55-yr-old live? Increasingly depends how rich you are. Longevity inequality.”

Bloomberg News has an infographic on How Americans Die. Stephen Joyce there pointed out, “Americans die in smaller portions each year, but what kills us is changing.” Kurt Andersen with Public Radio International added, “Mortality rate for people <25 now 60% lower than in late 1960s. Surprising, no?”

The New York Times’s obituary of Literary Pioneer Gabriel García Márquez, who died yesterday at 87, is up. Adrian Carrasquillo at BuzzFeed said, “Man, to write and speak like this.” Robin Lubbock with WBUR Boston wrote, “What a wonderful, influential writer he was. His ideas live on in all of our minds.” Eric Umansky with ProPublica tweeted this quote from obit: "For more than three decades the State Department denied García Márquez a visa to travel in the U.S."

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