Pulitzer-winning Hamby leaves CPI for Buzzfeed

Just two days after winning the investigative reporting Pulitzer, Chris Hamby announces he will depart the Center for Public Integrity. His destination? Buzzfeed.

"I am thrilled to be joining the amazing investigative team @BuzzFeed. @SchoofsFeed @KenBensinger @JSVine @AlexCampbell @AramRoston," he began. "To be clear: I agreed to join the @BuzzFeed investigative team a month ago. This has nothing to do with recent events." He also tweeted, "I will always look back fondly on my four years @PublicI. It is a great place to work, full of wonderful people and beautiful ideals."

Buzzfeed EIC Ben Smith nearly echoed Hamby's exact words: "So, so thrilled that @ChrisDHamby is going to be joining us."

At CNN, Peter Hamby chimed in, "Go Hambys! (no relation)." 

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