Featured journalist: Daniel Cooper

We'll go international for today's featured journalist, who is none other than Engadget's Daniel Cooper, associate editor and technology journalist based in Norwich. After training to be an intellectual property lawyer, Cooper fell in love with tech, and the rest seems to be histor: stop by his portfolio, which is chock-full of enticing headers like "Fitter, Happier: an eight-week exercise in using technology to help lose weight" and "The rise (and rise?) of Bitcoin."

On the subject of his job, Cooper writes, "Working for Engadget requires you to create perfect words and pictures." To that end, Cooper prefers Pages ’09 (OS X) for its old-school menus and layout and, for image editing, relies on Photoshop CS6 and other tools to add "crazy pictures" to his stories. To aspiring journalists, he advises, "Take your ego, stuff it in a rucksack filled with stones and dump it in the nearest river. You will suffer more knock-backs and humblings than you care to recall. All of them, however, make you better at your job." Hear, hear.

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