Boston Marathon and Russia on our minds

There were so many poignant moments in yesterday's Boston Marathon, we don't know where to begin, but we'll try: the best moment might have been the trumphant crossing of the finish line by the first American man to win it since 1983, who also was once a refugee from Eritrea. Except, then Washington Post's Wesley Lowery shared a snapshot of a runner who fell just short of the finish, when four others picked him up and carried him across. "I'm literally in tears," Lowery tweeted, and his twitpic was then gleefully retweeted only about a million times. (Okay, 4,581 times, at last count.)

In other trending news, the Daily Beast reveals Germany helped prep Russia for war. Mashable's Brian Ries responded, "Oh fun." Not everyone was a fan, however. Gawker's Adam Weinstein commented, "Awesome, an entire story that mixes up Germany w/a German biz after quoting unnamed source citing Pentagon 'chatter'." Relatedly, under Russia, life in Crimea grows chaotic, the New York Times reports.

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