Earth Day and other advice

First of all, let us digress: Vox saves the day with this beginner's guide on "basic," which is everyone's favorite new insult (allegedly). Except that it's news to Vox's own EIC Ezra Klein, who admitted to all of Twitter, "I didn’t even know this was an insult." Well, that's awkward.

Speaking of Klein, that brings us back to our point: in honor of today's holiday (Earth Day! Don't say you forgot!), he announced, "We are so screwed." Ezra's talking about this other Vox offering, of course, which informs us how the world failed on climate change. At Technology ReviewAntonio Regalado elucidated "World can't keep anthropogenic warming to < 2 deg C. Example of new 'explainer' approach from Vox."

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