#MuckedUp chat Tuesday: The brave new world of muckraking

#MuckedUp chat Tuesday: The brave new world of muckraking

Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Give light and the people will find their way. Muckrake, not because you hate the world, but because you love it. How many countless variants of these worn but beloved mottos have you taped to your cubicle or computer? To your mirror, even, so you’d feel motivated by their message before you headed out the door each morning?

We get why this specific brand of journalism resonates with so many reporters, we really do -- the term and badge of honor “muckraker” provided the inspiration for the Muck Rack and #MuckedUp monikers, after all. That’s why we feel especially privileged to announce next week’s guest will be none other than Chris Hamby, the Center for Public Integrity reporter who just won the Pulitzer Prize for “Breathless and Burdened,” a chilling and thorough year-long exposé into the denial of black-lung benefits to miners.


In the wake of his Pulitzer win, Hamby made waves again recently when he announced he’ll depart the venerated CPI for that newsroom on the cutting-edge, the I-Team at Buzzfeed. There he’ll join a burgeoning stable of investigative veterans, such as Mark Schoofs, recently of ProPublica. All this further substantiates why we eagerly anticipate this tweetchat with Hamby: who better to steer us in a discussion on the important work already being done in muckraking, as well as what lies ahead?

We say this every week, but we’ve never meant it more than we do right this moment: Don’t miss the next #MuckedUp for anything. Mark your calendars for next Tuesday, April 29, at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST, and join us on Twitter for what is certain to be an illuminative tweetchat.

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