Journalistic chatter

Facebook just rolled out FB Newswire, and the results are ... confusing. Globe and Mail's Shane Dingman wondered aloud, "Did Facebook just create its own Google News page?" Taylor Buley was equally perplexed. "This 'newswire' product is so confusing. What does it want to be? Informational or clickertainment?"

Here's WSJ'Elana Zak with some explanations, calling it a real-time news wire for journalists. This seemed to satisfy National Post's Matt Reeder, who tweeted with relief, "Finally, some details: @Facebook teaming up w/ @Storyful on a breaking-news initiative aimed at editors, reporters."

Also, remember how we were speculating where Felix Salmon was headed when his departure from Reuters was announced a couple of days ago? Here's the answer, via Salmon's newest Medium post: Why I'm Joining Fusion.

Oh, and here's a cool offering from the NYT's brand new site TheUpshot: "Up Close on Baseball’s Borders." This multimedia effort lets you see which baseball team is most popular in every ZIP code. "Good morning, L.A.," editor David Leonhardt greeted Twitter upon its unveiling. "We're calling the line between Dodgers & Angels fans the Reagan-Nixon Line."

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