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Yesterday's question of the day asked:  Did you know that The Golden Globes were always given out by journalists up until 1958? What happened that year that permanently changed all of that? The "Rat Pack" Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. stormed the stage and took over the show. The audience loved it so much, the trio repeated their performance the next year at the request of the HFPA, and the rest is history.

Congratulations to M. Edward Borasky for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions also go out to  Ken Walker of the Tampa Bay Times,  Jeanne KirkJim Winter of Dubuque Telegraph Heraldeschuman, and Rachel Roh for all getting that right, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: Someone once said, "A free press can be good or bad, but, most certainly, without freedom a press will never be anything but bad." Who was it?

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(Photo credit: MovieFone.)

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