Roundup of the ridiculous

Some days, there are so many bizarre reveals, we have to devote an entire section to them. At the very top of today's list is this mortifying exposé by New York TimesAdam Nagourney on Cliven Bundy -- you know, that defiant rancher who's savoring the audience that rallied to his side. NYT colleague Charles Blow tweeted, aghast, "I'm sorry...let me rub my eyes and read this again...WHAT did Mr. Bundy say?!" At the Montreal GazetteChristopher Curtis called the article "[a] lesson in politics: when you endorse gun wielding maniacs, don't be surprised when they turn out to be maniac." Also at the Times, Edward Wyatt summarized, "Racists say the darndest things: 'Were they better off as slaves or on welfare?'"

Meanwhile, at VoxDylan Matthews decided it was necessary to make the case against otters: necrophiliac, serial-killing fur monsters of the sea. Colleague Sarah Kliff resolved, "So @dylanmatt and I are no longer on speaking terms." At the GuardianHeidi Moore implored of Emily Bell "please destroy these people."

Also, Taco Bell is launching an upscale Mexican chain, so there's that.

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