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Apr 25, 2014

Following his release from Russian forces in Sloviansk, Vice’s Simon Ostrovsky said of his detention: “I Had It Pretty Easy, Because I Was Let Go.” We’re truly glad this one turned out ok.

Jason Wells at the LA Times has the unfortunate luck of telling us all that a Drought is covering 100% of California for first time in 15 years. Even worse, Peggy Bunker at NBC Bay Area pointed out: “We're heading into 90+ degree temps.”

And in Illinois, the Chicago Tribune found out that Rahm Emanuel aides, producers coordinated CNN "Chicagoland" scenes. You read their email samples too. Here’s how some folks feel about the whole thing:

  • Tom White, Virginian-Pilot: “Isn't 1st rule of documentaries that you don't orchestrate? Great look at what passes 4 fair and balanced at #CNN.”
  • J. Brian Charles, New Haven Register: “Access journalism on steroids.”
  • David Sirota, PandoDaily: “CNN humiliated by release of emails showing producers aimed to tilt Chicagoland series in favor of @RahmEmanuel.”
  • Michael CalderoneHuffington Post: “CNN ‘Chicagoland’ producer tells Emanuel adviser they can present the mayor ‘as the star that he really is.’”
  • James Edwards, WGBH [quote from the piece]: "In the Feb '14 broadcast, Rahm will look good making 'his' points."


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