Racism off the court

Following tapes that emerged of their owner Donald Sterling being quite racist in a recorded call with his girlfriend (read all about it here from ABC News), ESPN’s Arash Markazi reported that the Clippers reacted by turning their shirts inside out and are warming up in generic red shirts.

In another photo, you see the Clippers taking off their shooting shirts and dumping them at center court. Jon Kelley with Fox Chicago called this a “Powerful + apropos diss to owner.” Brad Luck with NBC Connecticut added: “Los Angeles Clippers take a stand without saying a word.”

To put the whole thing in perspective, David D’Alessandro writes of Donald Sterling’s candid moment: It’s business as usual, and NBA business is often ugly.

There was still further protest from these Warriors fans, who showed up to Sunday’s game with signs that read "I brought a black guy to the game" and “I’m black.”

Meanwhile, Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo has outlined an exit strategy for the NBA and Donald Sterling: Sell Clippers to Magic Johnson. Jay Yarow from Business Insider pointed out: “Would be ironical on many levels if Magic Johson bought the Clippers. He apparently wants to.”

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