The international desk

The Washington Post tells us the Syrian rebels who received first U.S. missiles of war see shipment as ‘an important first step’. Mike Giglio from BuzzFeed tweeted: “.@LizSly ventured into Syria to profile the first rebel battalion to get U.S. missiles in this awesome dispatch.” Eric Randolph from AFP had different concerns: “So the US is only now arming #Syria rebels? Isn't this just prolonging the agony at this stage?”

Also from Syria, BBC reports that Barrel-bombed Aleppo is 'living in fear'. Richard Hall with the Independent called the piece: “A gentle reminder that the Syrian government is still indiscriminately bombing civilians.” Matthew Danzico from BBC tweeted: “Really solid work @BBCiPannell.”

Regarding a different conflict zone, the Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin writes that John Kerry has warned that Israel Could Become ‘An Apartheid State’. Richard Hall from the Independent calls this “A big deal.”

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