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The Washington Post reports that mystery surrounds the moves of an Afghan ‘torturer in chief’ to U.S. amid allegations of agency abuse. "My first week at WaPo, there's been a thin cubicle wall betw me and @gregpmiller as he finished this remarkable piece," Ishaan Tharoor divulged.

The Daily Beast's Eli Lake and Josh Rogin offer a scoop that US Secretary of State John Kerry disclosed during a closed-door meeting that the U.S. taped Moscow’s calls to its Ukraine spies. This prompted executive editor Noah Shachtman to tweet, "I expect some more hate mail from the Trilateral Commission will arrive shortly."

And because we're not quite done with the Clippers fracas, here's Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo Sports with how the NBA could deliver knockout blow to Clippers owner Donald Sterling -- or as Wojnarowski bills it, "The last stand of Donald T. Sterling." Talking Points Memo's Dylan Scott called it "[p]robably the most essential reading on Donald Sterling, how he fits into the NBA and what the league can do." Relatedly, TIME has Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's take on Donald Sterling’s Racism and the NBA. Jewish Daily Forward's Gal Beckerman plucked out his favorite gem: "'IPMS (Irritable Plantation Master Syndrome)' You've got to love Kareem."

Oh, and for some really important stuff, FiveThirtyEight helps us decide once and for all: Which States Are in the Midwest? We're with Circa's Daniel Bentley, who reacted thusly: "The hell is this? Ohio is peak Midwest. It's the Midwesternest."

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