White House beat: Pros and cons

First of all, here's Politico's The White House Beat, Uncovered, which is a fascinating in-depth look at this complicated job in journalism. New York Magazine's Stefan Becket shared this pointer: "The best way to get information out of this White House is… 'Tweet something they disagree with.' —Mark S. Smith, AP."

And then there was this lovely if harrowing WaPo profile of Lesley Clark, White House correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers. At the Post, David Beard pointed out, "3 years she's covered Obama, worked in White House. She's been able to ask him a question once."

Nevertheless, connecting both pieces, Bloomberg's Alex Wayne concluded, "Covering the White House sucks yet a plurality of reporters say it's been their best job." Relatedly, here's Yahoo NewsOlivier Knox with what happens when the White House hates your tweet.

Also in politics, Politico's Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush wonder "What is Hillary Clinton afraid of?" while Buzzfeed's Ben Smith lets us know that Benjamin Netanyahu has had enough of your selfies.

(Photo credit: Buzzfeed)

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