Pontifications from the press

In case anyone was worried, Politico assures us that The New York Times Is Not Going to Turn into BuzzFeed. "What about vice versa?" GigaOM's Mathew Ingram asked. Not a bad point. Meanwhile, at the NY TimesBinyamin Appelbaum mused, "This is one hell of a Freudian slip by Bill Keller. Or possibly just a typo."

The Atlantic has offered a eulogy for Twitter. The killer? Groupthink. "I’m totally fine Thelma and Louise-ing it with Twitter until the very end," Grist's Hanna Welch admitted. Not everyone is in agreement, though. "Apparently Twitter used to be a magic place of unicorns and sunshine and it was always Spring and you never grew old," scoffed Globe and Mail's Chris Hannay

Plus, Wall Street Journal's Dennis Berman pointed out for our benefit, "There are roughly 50,000 words in today's Wall Street Journal. None are more amazing than these 96."

(Image credit: The Atlantic)

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