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Yesterday's question of the day asked: There was another journalism drop-out of Northern Kentucky University who penned a three-part investigative series that alleged drug profits from Nicaraguan drug traffickers were used to fund the CIA-supported Nicaraguan Contras. Who was he, and what was his series called? That would be Gary Webb, an American investigative reporter best known for his 1996 "Dark Alliance" series of articles written for the San Jose Mercury News.

Congratulations to Ken Walker of the Tampa Bay Times for being the very first to answer both correctly. Honorable mentions also go out to Jeanne KirkAshlene LarsonMike MikaelianCindi Lash of Pittsburgh Magazine, freelance journalist Amy ZipkinMiriam van Ommeren, and Dan Tynan of Yahoo News for answering one or both parts of the question correctly, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: What frustrated radio performance pioneer Ed Wynn to tears when he started on radio?

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