Question of the Day

Yesterday's question of the day asked: What frustrated radio performance pioneer Ed Wynn to tears when he started on radio? That would be a lack of an audience. There were a few other glitches in the beginning, but Wynn wept after his first appearance because there was absolutely no feedback, which destroyed his timing, delivery and performance. And so the studio audience was born!

Congratulations to Ken Walker of the Tampa Bay Times, once again, for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions also go out to M. Edward Borasky and Jeanne Kirk for getting that right as well. That was a tough one, guys, so we appreciate all the efforts from everyone else who gave it a shot, as well!

As for today's question, here it is: Name this Dutch shortwave radio program that ran for a total of 77 years on Radio Nederland and its predecessor?

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(Photo Credit: IMDB)

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