Trouble abroad

The Wall Street Journal’s Sam Schechner calls Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan: One of the World's Most Determined Internet Censors. Jennifer Smith there said, “How far will Turkey go to censor the Internet? Iran is building a ‘halal’ intranet; China has ‘the Great Firewall.’”

While we hoped this bit of bad news was over once Vice’s Simon Ostrovsky was released, Huffington Post once again reports that Western Journalists Detained, Blindfolded And Interrogated In Ukraine, this time from BuzzFeed, CBS, and Sky News. Brian Fung with the Washington Post reacted with a simple: “Jeez.”

Meanwhile CBS News writes that Clarissa Ward and other members of their crew are held by pro-Russia militants as Ukraine military moves on Slavyansk. Sarah Fenske with LA Weekly called it an “Ominous story from a great journalist (and good friend) in Ukraine.”

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