An apple a day

The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn has Gallup Poll results showing that Uninsured Down to 13.4 Percent, Lowest They've Recorded. Cohn also tweeted: “The data is noisy, but the trend is clear -- this is what Obamacare progress looks like.” Colleague Noam Scheiber urged: “Unskew this.” And Brian Beutler there added: “These people: a). Don't exist b). We're forced to enroll c). Caused a spike in spending d). All of the above.”

On the flip side, the New York Times reports that World Health Organization Declares Polio is Spreading at Alarming Rates. Erin Cunningham with the Washington Post explained, “WHO declares international health emergency Monday due to spread of polio from conflicts in three regions.” George Musser at Scientific American had some blame to go around: “Polio was supposed to be nearly eradicated. Now, war and religious fundamentalists are facilitating its return.”

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