New climate assessment has everyone sweating bullets

May 06, 2014

The latest Fed reports on climate assessment are out, with findings including a wide impact of climate change already seen in U.S. At New York MagazineKathryn Schulz confessed she was startled to learn that "[i]n 50 years, the proportion of rain falling as deluge is up 71% in the NE, 37% in the Midwest & 27% in the South." 

Seth Borenstein with the Associated Press broke this down even further with his piece "Fed report: Warming disrupting Americans' lives." Even more to the point, Borenstein tweeted, "America the beautiful becoming American the stormy, sneezy and dangerous because of global warming."

There was also quite a bit of buzz about the site itself. "The new National Climate Assessment is the most accessible scientific analysis I've ever seen," observed Tom Randall with Bloomberg Businessweek. At BuzzfeedEvan McMorris-Santoro put it this way: "buried lede on climate change report: Obama Administration Builds Slick, Highly-Functional Website." Still, James McTague at Barron's was decidedly not a fan: "Inter-active climate report is like an O-care Exchange-an irritating on-line experience."

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