Folks worth noting

Rob Ford spoke to Joe Warmington at the Toronto Sun to say: ‘Rehab is amazing'. Here are few more choice quote from the Toronto mayor, as shared by various Muck Rack journalists:

  • Don Peat, Toronto Sun: “I think alcohol is the worst drug of all."
  • Richard Florida, The Atlantic: “I asked for my calls sheets and I am making calls to constituents ... I am getting help but I still want to help.”
  • Don Peat, Toronto Sun: "I am coming back & I am going to kick butt.”

Meanwhile, NBC News has Michael Jordan Admitting to Racism: 'I Was Against All White People'.

In other sports news, Washington Nationals manager Matt Williams was rear-ended in a car accident during his radio interview yesterday and went on to narrate the whole thing.

From Mother Jones, read about former cocaine kingpin Mario Tabraue Sr. lobbying Congress to let him keep his cheetahs (and liger). If you still need some encouragement, Benjy Sarlin from MSNBC tweeted: “Cocaine! Cheetahs! Lobbying! Starlets! Two headed snakes! Murder! Republicans! This one's got it all, folks!”  

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