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Yesterday, the New York Times reported on a new study that says the Wide Impact of Climate Change is Already being Seen in  the U.S. It was still making the rounds this morning and Chris Foresman at Ars Technica shared this quote from the piece, “Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present.” Kate Kelly from CNBC called it “Highly concerning.”

Meanwhile, Jaime Fuller at the Washington Post pointed out that One climate report [prompted] 30 different headlines. Chris Cillizza there called this his “favorite Fix post of the day.”

For another result of this climate report, the New York Times writes that Stanford [is expected] to Purge $18 Billion Endowment of Coal Stock. Rogene Fisher there explained that coal’s “link to climate change persuaded the trustees.” Chip Giller at Grist admitted, “Stanford's move to divest of coal makes me even more ashamed by @brownuniversity's decision not to do likewise.” Lauren Streib from Daily Beast pointed out Stanford is “the first biggie to divest.”

Over at the Washington Post, Chris Cillizza says Just 7 percent of journalists are Republicans. That’s far less than even a decade ago. Freelancer Connie Schultz tweeted: “@TheFix, important to note that political party ID doesn't render reporters inherently unfair.”

In other numerical news, Matthew Yglesias at Polygon introduces us to the four hedge fund guys out-earned every kindergarten teacher in America. Chris Megerian at the LA Times shared, “Four hedge fund managers earned more than 157,800 kindergarten teachers.” Janet Novack with Forbes shared: “New math: Last year, hedge funders Tepper, Paulson & Cohen out-earned all U.S. kindergarten teachers.” Louise Lucas from the Financial Times said, “... then again, you could just become a hedge fund manager & skewer every average stat on earnings going.”

For the most important numbers news, here are the 101 Places to Find Great Coffee in New York. Read it, memorize it, get it tattooed on yourself - just never pay for bad coffee in this town again. Megan Hess at Mashable called this: “Pretty much a map of my North Star(s).” Ginny LaRoe with the New Orleans Times-Picayune  thinks it’s “News I can use!” Jen Chung from Gothamist was less pleased: “BS-Where is @BklynRoasting?” Scott Cohen at Vocativ had another suggestion: “.@nytimes' coffee interactive is fun but absurdly Manhattan-centric. Omission of@gorillacoffee is scandalous.” Katie Honan at DNAinfo had a whole new idea for what this list might be called: “In Northwest Queens, Lame Map Finds Caffeine Prospects Weak.”

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