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The FBI has barred ex-agent and congressman Michael Grimm from its offices, reveals Murray Weiss at DNAInfo New York. "Wow. Even before the indictment, Congressman Michael Grimm was persona non grata at the FBI," reacted Colin Campbell with the New York Observer.

And speaking of politicians in trouble, Rob Ford is in rehab hot water, reports Joe Warmington with the Toronto Sun. In seeming disbelief, Wall Street Journal's David George-Cosh tweeted, "Rob Ford makes a phone call from rehab to talk about how he got in trouble for making a phone call from rehab."

By the way, did you know three mysterious philanthropists fund the fourth-largest U.S. charity? Well, Zachary Mider at Bloomberg Businessweek did, and now his exclusive on that subject has just about everyone buzzing. Texas Tribune's Aman Batheja quoted, "'One of the most powerful forces in American philanthropy is a shadow.' Great read!" Meanwhile, Bloomberg View's Matthew Levine proudly declared, "Nobody's better than @BW at animated gifs of money spewing out of things."

Plus, British Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt sent pro-homeopathy studies to the Chief Medical Officer, announces Buzzfeed's . "This man is the HEALTH SECRETARY," Guardian's Claire Phipps warned everyone.

And in case you were wondering, the country’s most Republican company? That would be the makers of Wonder Bread.

(Image Credit: Bloomberg Businessweek)

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