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May 09, 2014

James Oliphant and Sarah Mimms at the National Journal report that Progressive Bloggers Are Doing the White House's Job. Lachlan Markay from Washington Free Beacon wrote, “Again: the interesting part of this story is not that this ‘posse’ exists, but that it's as effective as it is.” Wesley Lowery from the Washington Post wrote, “Well, this kind of misses the point completely.” Kevin Glass at the Washington Examiner tweeted this quote from the story: “This administration enjoys an advantage afforded no other: a partisan media that has its back.”

Meanwhile, at The Atlantic, a report shows apparently shows that Journalists Are Miserable, Liberal, Over-Educated, Under-Paid, Middle-Aged Men. Naturally, this is accompanied by a photo of Will McAvoy. Freelancer Alex Cuadros was comforted by this fact: “I still have ~10yrs before this is me.” Anna Irrera from Financial News labeled it “A cheery report.”

Terrence McCoy from the Washington Post explains that the viral photo from #bringbackourgirls features a girl that’s neither Nigerian, nor abducted. Gigi Graciette with Fox LA suggested: “If you tweeted a pic w/hashtag #bringbackourgirls you should read + RT this.”

You can also read The Real Story About the Wrong Photos in #BringBackOurGirls courtesy of James Estrin at the New York Times. Amy Costello from Tiny Spark explained: “Photojournalist says her works has been misappropriated by the#BringBackOurGirls campaign.” Alex Wild with Scientific American added, “Subtle racism in using photographs of the wrong girls to raise awareness for the kidnapped Nigerians.”

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