Question of the Day

Friday's question of the day asked:In newspaper layouts, two facing pages are called ... what? The answer we were looking for was spread, but we also accepted double-truck, which refers to a pair of facing pages with content that stretches over both pages!

Congratulations to Thomas Feyer of the New York Times for being the first to answer! Honorable mentions also go out to Ken Walker of the Tampa Bay TimesM. Edward BoraskyBarbara Turnbull of the Toronto StarMichelle Maxwell of the Statesman JournalMel LichtenheldMiriam van Ommeren of DeOptimistLori Nash ByronJann Dorothy and syndicated columnist Margo Howard, for all getting that right as well!

Here's today's question, which keeps it simple: In broadcast news, a story read by an anchor without any audio/video is called a ... what?

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