Today in Quartz

Adam Pasick at Quartz found out that A US distillery is breeding whiskey-flavored pigs. Jake Grovum from Stateline naturally reacted with: “USA. USA.” Greg Otto with the Washington Business Journal pointed out, “The headline is great...The photo is better.”

Also from Quartz, they discuss an Obsession with the future of TV, via their new Glass vertical. Jason Karaian there wrote, “We just launched Glass -- -- a new site that obsesses over the future of TV in a new and interesting way.” Boss man Kevin Delaney added, “Congrats to @zseward and @stimply for a fast, drama-free launch of this morning!”

To continue its reporting streak, Quartz explains The reason every book about Africa has the same cover-and it’s not pretty. Anup Kaphle with the Washington Post called it “Service journalism.” Dante Ramos at the Boston Globe said, “Funny item on why books on Africa all get ‘Lion King’ covers. ‘For that vast continent…you get that one f'ing tree.’”

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