All your secrets are belong to us

May 13, 2014

Today's headlines are rife with secrets and surprises, starting with an exclusive from the Independent that the wreck of Christopher Columbus’s flagship the Santa Maria may have been found after 500 years. At Bloomberg NewsShannon Pettypiece was equally excited by two facts: "1. They found the Santa Maria!! 2. This paper has an 'Archaeology Correspondent'!!!"

Plus, Jacqueline Kennedy’s newly discovered personal letters reveal 14 years of secrets, reports Lindsey Bever with the Washington Post. Also in politics, we learn that when it comes to Jeb 2016, the Bushes are divided: "On one side is his eldest son, George P., who’s unabashedly and publicly supportive of his father’s potential candidacy. On the other are Jeb Bush’s mother and wife, who are clearly reluctant," writes Politico's Maggie Haberman.

And speaking of secrets, Europe’s highest court says Google Should Erase Web Links to Some Personal Data. Or as Josh Greenman with the New York Daily News put it, "What if you're too cool to be forgotten?"

Finally, meet the woman who coined the term "White Privilege." Tasting Table's Tejal Rao shared this telling quote: "I asked myself: On a daily basis, what do I have that I didn’t earn? It was like a prayer."

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