Featured journalist: Ron Harris

Today we'd like to take time to show appreciation for one of our favorite journalists: Ron Harris, reporter and all-formats multimedia producer based in Atlanta with the Associated Press. Harris is a Scorpio and a junk golfer with a decent backhand -- but most importantly, he is a veteran journalist of the AP (17+ years) and an award-laden newshound: his laurels include The Grantham Prize, a Deadline Club award, The George Polk Award, and a Scripps Howard Award, to name a few.

Frequently on the technology beat, Harris also reviews music, video games and personal electronics/gadgets/apps. He cites some highlights for us: covering the Napster trial and the birth of distributed file-sharing, exposing the truth about the Grand Theft Auto `Hot Coffee' mod, interviewing Henry Rollins in an RV over coffee, flying into the eye of El Nino in a NOAA hurricane chaser and, last but not least, taking The Donnas to breakfast. "It's good work if you can get it," he writes. Don't miss the stories that came from all of these highlights, plus more, showcased here in his Muck Rack portfolio.

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