Things at home and abroad, some of them ridiculous

Will Davies at the Wall Street Journal wondered Does Japan Have the Best World Cup Slogan? Alastair Gale there wrote, “South Korea's World Cup slogan ‘Enjoy it, Reds!’ is one of the most realistic of a grandiose bunch.” Colleague Tom Wright added: “Worst World Cup slogan? Argentina – ‘Not just a team, we are a country.’” Mark Jones from Reuters said, “In amusing set of World Cup slogans, France goes for ‘Impossible is not a French word.’ @WSJ notes reverse is true.” Rob Crilly with the Telegraph called it all “uniformly rubbish.”

Speaking of language, Slate wonders What’s the most popular language in your state? Brooke Brower from MSNBC called it a “Cool @Slate piece about who speaks what state by state.” It’s important to note that this reveals the most popular non-English, non-Spanish language.

Over at the New York Times, we know the Sept. 11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero Prepares for Opening. Jacquie McNish at Globe and Mail wrote, “Telling history through charred fragments of human loss.” Allison Lichter at the Wall Street Journal tweeted this quote from the story: "How many cemeteries have a $24 entrance fee? How many theme parks bring you to tears?"

In yet another part of the world, Peter Bradshaw over at the Guardian calls Grace of Monaco, the film that just opened the Cannes film festival, a royal biopic worse than Diana. Natalie Hambly from the Sydney Morning Herald tweeted: “Ouch.” Sam Paker at Esquire tweeted this quote from the review: "A film so wooden that it is basically a fire-risk.” Jon Donnison at BBC added: “Crushing review of the new film Grace of Monaco ‘like a 104-minute Chanel ad, only without the subtlety and depth.’” Kiel Porter from Bloomberg News called the whole thing: “The most scathing review I've read this year.”

According to Maria Sacchetti at the Boston Globe, we know the FBI shooter who killed a Chechen friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev in Florida last year had a stormy record as officer. Andrew Tran there tweeted: “The confrontation between Ibragim Todashev & FBI Agent Aaron McFarlane, according to officials.” Natalie Sherman at the Baltimore Sun called it “Excellent reporting.” Gintautas Dumcius with State House News tweeted: “The name that @FBIBoston didn't want you, the taxpayer, to know about.”

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